Duo Odéon

Hannah Leland and Aimee Fincher

Aimee Fincher

Hannah Leland, violin                    Aimee Fincher, piano                           photo credit: Keitaro Harada

Hannah Leland, violin                    Aimee Fincher, piano                           photo credit: Keitaro Harada

The violin-piano duo, Duo Odéon, formed in 2014 as violinist Hannah Leland and pianist Aimee Fincher were completing their doctoral studies at Arizona State University. Hannah and Aimee's mutual passion for twentieth century and contemporary music brought them together. Now they perform, research, and present the music of the American composer George Antheil along with other early twentieth century American composers. Their mission is to bring underperformed, often unpublished, music to new audiences in  inviting and unconventional environments. 


Hannah Leland

Dr. Hannah Leland is an active soloist, chamber musician, orchestral violinist, and teacher. Dr. Leland has held tenured orchestral positions with nationally recognized orchestras including the Tucson Symphony, Arizona Opera, and Portland Opera. Dr. Leland has continued her doctoral research into composer George Antheil, presenting at the Society for American Music and College Music Society on her findings. As a founding member of the violin-piano duo, Duo Odéon, she performs frequent recitals around the United States and presents lectures and master classes at local colleges and high schools. Dr. Leland maintains a large studio of private violin students in the Portland area and teaches as an Adjunct Instructor of Music at George Fox University in Newberg, Oregon.



Aimee Fincher

Pianist Aimee Fincher is a doctoral candidate in collaborative piano at Arizona State University, where she held a teaching assistantship for three years. Ms. Fincher frequently performs with distinguished guest artists such as Timothy Smith, Kenneth Tse, J. Michael Holmes, and Mariano García. Her conference appearances include the College Music Society, the Society of American Music Conference, North American Saxophone Alliance, the Navy Band Saxophone Symposium, and the Saarburg (Germany) Chamber Music Festival.  She served as a pianist at the School of Ballet Arizona for three years before recently relocating to Huntsville, Alabama, where she is the principal pianist for the Huntsville Ballet School.