Duo Odéon

Hannah Leland and Aimee Fincher

Aimee Fincher

Performing in the Desert

Duo Odéon had a great time presenting Antheil's Second Sonata in a lecture-recital at the College Music Society's National Conference in Santa Fe, New Mexico on Saturday. The week was full of amazing presentations from educators and students around the country. The highlight of the week was visiting the New Mexico School for the Arts on Thursday afternoon to work with the NMSA music students. They were an incredibly bright and engaged bunch of young musicians! Aimee and Hannah's favorite question was, "If Antheil were alive today, what would you most want to ask him?" to which neither had a good answer. Looking back, maybe we would like to ask exactly what he meant with all of those strange performance instructions like "giggled" and "sour."

Duo Odéon enjoyed their little desert vacation, but are gearing up for a full week of lectures, master classes, and performances in Oregon in just a few weeks!