Duo Odéon

Hannah Leland and Aimee Fincher

Aimee Fincher

That's a wrap!!!

We've been in Virginia all week this week working with the amazing team at Sono Luminus to record our debut album! We recorded for five straight days to bring Antheil's music to life in the studio and cannot wait to share our work with you! The album will be released in April 2018, so be on the lookout for updates about where you can purchase a copy and for upcoming concert dates!!!

Check out some photos from our week with Sono Luminus! 

Getting Down to Business

Once the dust settled from our crowdfunding campaign, Hannah headed down to Alabama to really get down to business. We spent an entire week rehearsing and studying the Waltzes, Concerto, and Sonatina. It was so amazing to finally play together in person and start to whip these incredible pieces into shape. After so much work, we started to get a little crazy...and this happened...